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Simply Morgan: The Journal of the Traditional Morgan Horse

New Bi-Monthly Publication Targets
Traditional Morgan Horse Enthusiasts

JARRELL,TX - In an effort to provide the Morgan horse community with a publication that covers the interests of owners, breeders and enthusiasts of traditional Morgan horses, Simply Morgan: The Journal of the Traditional Morgan Horse has launched as a bi-monthly publication. The new publication, which is being produced by a dedicated group of traditional Morgan horse owners and breeders, covers a variety of disciplines including hunter/jumper, western, competitive trail riding/endurance, dressage, combined driving and training. It also includes news from various Morgan service organizations, coverage of Morgan youth, and breeding information -- in short anything and everything to do with traditional Morgan horses.

"We realized that the current offerings were not covering what is important to a great many Morgan owners and enthusiasts," said Tricia Jumonville, editor of the new publication. "We want the public to know that old style traditional Morgans still exist and are being bred, successfully competing, and are being enjoyed at home by thousands of Morgan owners everyday."

The magazine is available for an annual subscription price of $15. Subscription information can be obtained by contacting Ceann Shipley, at mythicmor@yahoo.com or (301) 972-1207. Additional information, such as advertising information and upcoming editorial focus, can be found at http://www.simplymorgan.com.

Simply Morgan: The Journal of the Traditional Morgan Horse serves the interests of Morgan horse enthusiasts, breeders and owners who are dedicated to preserving and enjoying the traditional Morgan horse at home and in open competition. It features articles on breed history, versatility, interviews with old time breeders, and competition results.

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