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The Inland Empire Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association

The Inland Empire Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association is a non profit club founded to promote the Tennessee Walking Horse. Noted for a wonderful disposition, ground covering walk achieved by a large overstride & the smoothness of the running walk. They are often desired by handicapped riders & riding programs as well as individuals with health problems.

Our club newsletter called "Walker Talk" keeps members who are scattered over a large area informed about sponsored events, horses for sale, news of other members, and any other pertinent information including clinics and helpful hints. A library of video tapes & books is maintained by the club to educate and be enjoyed by club members. Meetings are held every month but August, on the third Sunday with the exception of holidays.

The June meeting will be held on Sunday, June 24th at the Staley residence to be followed by a work party to paint & repair items used at the annual Tennessee Walking Horse show on August 11 & 12, 2001, at the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds. This show draws horses from four states & Canada. For more information or directions call 509-244-3395.

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