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The Next Step is Coming... Palm Partnership Training to Bridge Gap

(Ocala, FL) - Nationally respected clinician and world champion trainer Lynn Palm is on a mission. Long recognized for her ability to accurately assess the needs and character of horses, Palm is now focusing on improving the level of education riders receive so they can harvest the best performance from their horses. With that in mind, horsemen can look forward to being a part of Palm's new educational series, The Palm Partnership Experience.

"There is currently a gap in rider education to help them understand their relationship with their horses," says Palm. "While there are a number of very good clinics and symposiums available, I am still approached by so many riders who, regardless of the number of years they have been riding, have still be unable to master an understanding of their horses. Many have expressed a desire to move beyond mere management techniques to a level that will bring them to a point where they truly feel they are `horsemen'."

Labeling her technique "Palm Partnership Training," Palm focuses on the responsibility riders have to accurately gauge the athletic ability and intelligence of the horses they are riding. Her mission is to increase the rider skills so they, in turn, can achieve the maximum performance available from their horse. Her message is simple. Turn dominance over your horse to a partnership with your horse.

"Every person, no matter how long they have been riding, wants to know their horse is feeling and doing his best whether it's riding on backyard trails or in the show ring," Palm says. "My goal is to emphasize the basic values of good horsemanship built upon centuries of dressage principles. With Palm Partnership Training, you will learn what you can do to make every ride a good ride."

The Palm Partnership Experience will travel to six different locations throughout late fall. Each participant will have an opportunity to learn from Lynn the world-championship caliber techniques she has perfected for more than 30 years.

"What is key to understanding these techniques is that they apply to any horse in any situation," Palm emphasized. "Good training knows no boundaries and these techniques will apply as much to the horse used for recreational riding as they will to a horse headed for top-level of competition."

For more information about Palm Partnership Training or other Lynn Palm training materials, call 800-503-2824 or visit

One of the foremost and respected horsemen in the world, Lynn Palm is a pioneer among women in the horse industry. For more than 30 years, Lynn Palm has championed the partnership of horse and rider, bringing her unique perspective to hundreds of thousands of horse enthusiasts around the world. Through Palm Partnership Training... Taking the Next Step, Palm presents methods that increase the enjoyment both human and horse can receive from reach riding experience, no matter if they are just beginning their riding adventure or learning to love it again.

Palm's rich worldwide experience makes her among the most knowledgeable in industry clinicians. The only four-time World Championship Quarter Horse Show Super Horse rider, Palm has excelled in a number of competitive arenas with many top American and European championships to her credit, as well as being named 2000 AQHA Female Equestrian of the Year by the Women's Sports Foundation.

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