Horse Previews Magazine website - Posted on 04/07/2001; 2:00:00PM.

Road Emergency

With the beautiful Spring comes the trailer travelling that we all dread but have to do. Most trips with trailer and horses in tow are all routine, but accidents, breakdowns, and equine injuries can happen. Dire consequences are preventable if you gather a list of essential items together to take with you in case of emergency. Use this list as a start:

  • Cash money

  • Cell phone

  • Blocks, for the tires or for under the jack

  • Coveralls

  • Crescent wrench

  • First Aid Kits (human and equine)

  • Flares, for roadside after dark

  • Flash light

  • Gloves

  • Halters, for spares

  • Hay, extra to settle horses down in crisis

  • Jack, or block ramp, and all items for changing trailer tire

  • Knive, sharp and in a sheath

  • Lug wrench, special for trailer wheels

  • Pencil and paper

  • Rope, spare for leading

  • Rope, at least 10 foot in length and sturdy, with heavy duty snap

  • Tarp

  • Tire, spare, checked for proper air pressure for trailer

  • Tire pump, and pressure gauge

    Good travelling out there and drive carefully, and before you go remember to

    Shut the Gate,

    Bob Howdy, PhD

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