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Montana Mule Days: Mule-In-Ya Madness

Yes, it's really the Mule-in-ya 2001, and Montana Mule Days offers the ultimate in mule madness and hilarity. Plan on being in Drummond, Montana June 8, 9, and 10 this year, so you don't miss out. There are 130 classes for mules and donkeys to compete in, and they will show off their personalities and abilities in cattle working, halter, driving, gymkhana, and performance classes. Whether you participate in either the arena or in the grandstand, you'll be guaranteed a great time if you attend.

The Montana Longears Association, the non-profit group sponsoring this event, would particularly like to encourage our youth to participate. We have 30 classes especially for those under 13, entry fees are low, and kids can lead, drive or ride their animals to their heart's content.

We pride ourselves on providing great family entertainment, at affordable prices. Admission to the show is only $5.00 for all three days, and kids get in free. So come, and bring a youngster with you, you will be treated to a wonderful, and sometimes side splitting good time, as mules and donkeys have a tendency to think for themselves, and their agendas may not match their riders'.

Don't miss the parade through downtown Drummond at noon on Saturday. They stop the trains, and we all troop to town to show off. People come from miles around to see it. In fact, people are now coming from six states to participate in Montana Mule Days, and it has become an annual event for many.

Come, camp, shop the commercial booths, make new friends, or renew old friendships, and if the Mule-in-ya bites, you can buy a mule or donkey to take home with ya. Brand inspectors are on duty!

For further information about Mule Days, contact Jim or Marilyn Stromberg, 1016 Fletcher Lane, Stevensville, Montana 59870; (406) 777-2331. Email longears@qwest.net.

For information about camping or commercial booths, contact: Cal Mentzer, Box 372, Drummond, Montana 59832, (406) 288-3667.

Written and submitted by Jane Lambert, 677 Pine Hollow Rd, Stevensville, Montana (406) 777-5988.

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