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Bitting Expert: Alixe Etherington to Return March 8-9, 2001

The Inland Northwest Dressage Association and Foxy Horse and Hound announce the return of Alixe Etherington, world-renowned bitting expert, president of Dewsberry Bits, and horse show judge and competitor, to Spokane.

Alixe first presented her "Bit of Magic" presentation in Spokane last August. In an entertaining lecture, she will again discuss the five families of bits, their history, uses, how and why they work or don't work, and how they are made. While Western style riders may be interested, the information is aimed largely at those who ride English.

The "Bit of Magic" will begin at 7pm on Thursday, March 8th, at the Oxarc Conference Facility, 4003 E. Broadway, Spokane.

Tickets may be purchased at the door. Prices are $15 for the general public, $10 for INDA members and 4H or Pony Club leaders, and $5 for 4H and Pony Club members.

Private consultations to check bit type and fit will also be available on Thursday and Friday in various locations. Please call Carol at Foxy Horse and Hound, 455-3609 for further information.

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