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Equine Behaviour Seminar

by Dr. Miller, DVM
Spokane Equine Hospital * January 20 & 21

I had the pleasure of attending a well organized Equine Behaviour Seminar by Dr. Robert Miller, D.V.M. It was hosted by Spokane Equine Hospital on location. I attended the January 21st seminar which proved to be packed full of useful information that would be easily utilized by both beginning and accomplished horse enthusiasts.

Dr. Miller spent a large portion of his time discussing the imprinting of foals. He urged people to study his books and tapes, as well as other accomplished individuals in the field. He advised people to watch the tapes they purchase more than just a couple of times. He explained that after watching his own tapes over and over he still picks up on little details of the training sessions he has viewed in the past. I liked the fact that he encouraged us all to pick up information from many trainers, not just his. "Use the method that works" he explained. He showed taped examples that people from all over the world have sent to him, illustrating the use of his techniques as well as tips given to him from everyday riders like you and me. He showed parts of his film entitled "Early Learning", filmed at Flag Is Up Farm, which is owned by the famed Monty Roberts. The film showed Dr. Miller working with a foal just born.

He has several videos and books on the market. His materials may be ordered by contacting: or 800-284-3362. Ask for a catalog.

There were also representatives from Pfizer as well as Fort Dodge discussing routine care about internal parasite control and elimination. Both representatives were well received by the attending group and were very knowledgeable about their products.

I urge all of you to attend any Dr. Robert Miller, DVM, seminars in the future. If you are looking for positive directives regarding the imprinting of foals, understanding horses or safer horsemanship, Dr. Miller is a well respected authority in these areas. I found him easy to interact with on various topics and at times, the seminar took on an air of an in depth discussion group rather than of a lecturing monologue.

A big thank you to the gracious and highly organized crew at Spokane Equine Hospital. This was a well-done, two-day seminar!

Chris K. Halland

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