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Montana Paint Horse Club

From the Secretary

It is December 10th, it's snowing and we are headed for Deer Lodge for our MPHC Christmas Party/Dinner at the Broken Arrow Restaurant. We'll have Steak/Prawns dinner courtesy of MPHC, exchange of gifts and a beautiful green halter to raffle off. There will be beautiful recycled horse Christmas cards decorated with hoof picks for each member and candy cane tree decorations with felt horse heads in a drawing. We have a special Christmas gift for our outgoing President: a picture of "The 2000 Fire".

We will elect our new officers for 2001 and discuss our activities for 2001 which will include: 1. Clinics; 2. Trail ride in July; 3. June 9th Open Horse Show; 4. Our Paint-O-Rama August 25th; 5. Western Montana Paint-O-Rama August 26th (Pending); 6. 2nd Annual. Stallion Offspring Futurity Sept 15th. So watch the Mt. Horseman's Journal for dates and activities. Last year our membership more than tripled and we are excited about that, but that means we need help when I call you for the different activities. If we can't get enough help in the future, we won't keep having these activities so when I call please say YES. Our success depends on many hands helping each other. It is rewarding work and fun and there are 50 new stalls at the Missoula Equestrian Park now.

The Missoula E. P. Council is looking into a Horse Expo on June 9th and that would be great for our open show that day, more on this later.


Mary Baughn

From the President

As Mary stated it was snowing and blowing and our meeting was a blast! We had great door prizes, a fancy halter/lead for a raffle prize that Kea Waddell won. This was the best attended meeting the club has had for several years. In attendance were Mary & Larry Baughn & Lynn Cloyd from Florence; Lari Leann Brandon, Diana Schara, Zana Smith, & Kea Waddell all from Helena; Sharon & Glenn Westre from Reed Point; Gail Morris from Great Falls; Tirn & Roben Jensen our newest members from Drummond; Kris & Howard Pierce, Bob Bender and Patty Hill all from Gold Creek. Everyone had some ideas and recommendations for 2001 activities. This kind of participation is what our club needs to make it a successful and growing club. We would like to welcome Zana Smith as our new Vice President for 2001.

We have 2 new fund raisers for 2001! First we are having a Custom Saddle Raffle. We are in the process of selecting a Saddle Maker. Tickets should be available by the first of Feb. Also Roben Jensen is going to make a beautiful quilt with paint horses on it for another raffle. We will be displaying it or pictures of it during our upcoming events. Tickets for it should be available by the first of February also.

Members that were in attendance agreed on the idea of rotating our meeting places between Missoula and Helena. We will now be meeting every other month in Helena and Missoula. Hopefully by rotating the meetings to Helena we will get better attendance from members in the central part of the state.


Bob Bender

From the Treasurer

I am really looking forward to the upcoming events for 2001! Last year was really a good year for the club in spite of the fires in Montana. With our membership increasing and more members to help in our events 2001 should be a great year! We have added some classes to our 2nd Annual Stallion Offspring Futurity that will be held in Helena on September 15th. We have added Yearling- Longeline, a Yearling Trail-in-Hand, and Two-year-old Western Pleasure and Two-year-old English Pleasure classes. This will require some additional help from members, so you members that were wanting some changes be ready to help. We can always improve our events and we want to try and please everyone but more help is needed to organize these events. We are also discussing the suggestion of added money to our Futurity Entries in September.

Comments from our members will be discussed at our meetings. We are also accepting Stallion nominations now for our Futurity in September. We decided to have $500 in added money to be split between the 3 Stallions whose combined offspring win the most points. First place 50%; second place 30% & third place 20%. Stallions that have been nominated to date are: Dudes Blue Moon / Patty Hill, Gold Creek; Ke Tops Booie / Kea Waddell, Helena; Last Mountain Bar / Caroly Pasha, Anaconda; Let There Be Light / Redd & Koch, Big Timber; Sun Days Eclipse / Jim Lynch, Butte; Tucan Dial / Karen Austin, Big Sandy.

We will be contacting all members to help with the sale of our raffle tickets. The profits from these raffles will enable the club to give better prizes to the winners. Sincerely, Patty Hill.

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