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Double L Ranch Raises Another Champion

IB Kinda Streakin racing at Blue Ribbon Downs

Despite cutting back on their breeding stock, the Double-L-Ranch has raised another champion.A race filly named IB Kinda Streakin, she is out of one of their AAA Streakin Dash mares and sired by the 1996 World Champion ApHC finalist and Stakes winner they owned, OA Taylor. This is Taylor's first one to go to the track and she is also this sire and dam's first foal.

IB Kinda Streakin (Miss B as Lonny calls her) went to Danny Thomas to train. She started in the chariots and ran in a Big chariot Championship in Utah. There were 27 Quarter Horses,two Paints and three Appaloosas entered in the race. They ran two teams at a time in eliminations. Miss B and her partner, a quarter horse filly owned by Danny Thomas, won their first races, posting the third and second fastest times of the eliminations. The first 350 yd. race was won by 8 lengths and their second by 16 lengths.

The finals came down to three teams. One was a Quarter Horse team comprised of a First Down Dash colt and Streakin six colt. Danny's two Appaloosa geldings were the next, while Miss B and her partnermade up the third. It was January at Salt Lake, and for the championship finals, Miss B drew the inside in six inches of mud, Danny drew the middle in three inches of mud, while the Quarter Horse team drew the outside high and dry. When the race was done, Danny's Appaloosa team won by a shoulder length over the quarter horse team and Miss B and her partner were third by a nose. Danny said the track beat us that day but we were still pretty pleased. That race had some of the best race-bred Quarter Horses in the country.

We were told to send her to the big time, so off to Oklahoma she went to run in the Appaloosa Americana, The Oklahoma Frontier Futurity and the Supreme. Two weeks after arriving at Blue Ribbon Downs, she won a schooling race by 3 lengths against Paints, Quarter Horses and Appaloosas. Ten days later she won a maiden race by 2 1/2 lengths.

Two weeks later, she went on to the trials of the Americana at Remington Park in Oklahoma City to compete against the other 43 horses entered. In her trial heat she drew the 10 hole and ran erratic, running the first 100 yards in front, falling to last, then coming on again to run 6th. Only a length separated her from the first-place finisher. She qualified 12th but only 10 get selected for the finals. Bobby from Speedhorse called Lonny and asked what was wrong with the filly who showed that she had tremendous speed. Assured her legs were fine, we couldn't figure what was wrong with her. She went on to the trials at the Cricket Bars Futurity and ran poorly again, qualifying 11th out of 36 and again missing the finals by .001 thousandth of a second.

Since Miss B was 2000 miles away, Lonny called Jim Brooks - the lead trainer at Blue Ribbon Downs for 2000 - and asked him if he would go look at her and see if he could check her out and find the problem for us. He called the next morning around 6:30 our time saying the filly was okay, but running on empty. It seems that some trainers down there don't feed as much food as they should. We asked him if he would take her, he said "You bet - she's a nice filly." Later, we were pleased to discover that he only kept Quarters, Paints and Thoroughbreds in his barn.

He began to build her back up. She ran overnights, running third, then second to the World champion Paint Illegally Smashed. Finally, Jim said she was ready for the Oklahoma Frontier futurity. By her improvement, Jim judged that she would make the finals, likely running in the top three. In her trials she got away clean and led it going into the the final 50 yards. The jockey stood up on the last 40 or so and she ran 4th. Jim had told the jockey not use her up if they were leading and he was sure he had her in the finals.She qualified 8th out of 34 and went on to the finals. In the finals she drew the 5 hole.

When the gates opened, she broke on top by a shoulder. Then it happened. The two horse hit the three, then hit Ima Marble Too in the 4 hole - hard enough that it knocked him into Miss B. He was just enough to the back of her that his right front foot caught the back of her left front. It ripped the back of her foot wide open and even tore part of her front hoof from the back. She ran 8th, cross firing and losing ground. The jockey said if he knew it was that bad he would of pulled her up. Ima Marble Too went on to run third and then went on to win the Supreme. IB Kinda Streakin had beaten him when she ran at Fair Meadow In Tulsa running second.

It took two weeks before she had healed enough to cut away the damaged portion, but she's healing up fine now. The plans are to go back down in 2001 if her x-rays allow it. Jim told us that this filly has not even begun to realize her potential. Lonny says that with her laid back attitude, he thinks she may be at the barrels in the future, equal to Scooten Dustem - another colt they raised who won 5 world titles, including the1998 World champion all around non-pro games horse title. The Bittons have an 8 yr. old granddaughter who rides Scooten Dustem in walk trot games. Maybe down the road in 5 to 7 yrs., you'll see her on IB Kinda Streakin. The filly finished the year ramking 7th nationally in wins and 9th in money earned in 2 yr. old Appaloosa fillies. The chariot races and her win in her schooling race did not count in the National top ten standings.

Lonny, Double-L-Ranch

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