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1) ENTRY--Call out before stepping into the arena/ring and watch out for an opening in traffic.

2) DIRECTION--For normal arena traffic, horses going in opposite directions should pass left shoulder to left shoulder.

3) BUSY--When the arena/ring is busy with traffic, horses should travel in the same direction. Switch every 15 minutes.

4) INTERVAL--Keep at least a horse-trailer length between horses.

5) GAITS--Faster gaits take the outside track along the wall. Slower gaits take an inside track, far enough from the wall to give the faster horses plenty of room to pass.

6) IDLE--Mount, dismount, chat, and cool out in the center of the arena/ring or at an unused end--never in the traffic pattern.

7) LESSONS--Boarders who ride during lessons should stay out of the way of the training and do as they are told by the instructor.

8) JUMPING--Get clearance from others in the arena before jumping and call your fences. Once a jumper starts a fence, others give right of way.

9) LONGEING--Get permission from the other riders in the arena/ring before you longe your horse.

10) MANEUVERS--Practice dangerous maneuvers, such as roll-backs and sliding stops, only when the ring isn't too crowded. Get clearance from other riders and communicate your intentions.

Suggested by an article in Stable Management, December 2000

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