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Foaling Rules of Thumb

By Jed D. McKinlay, DVM at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital,Newman Lake, WA Hello Friends, As we begin a new year there are all kinds of thoughts and goals and aspirations going through our minds. Those of you who may be reading this probably have some plans with your horses….

Identifying Lameness

By Pearce Sloan, DVM at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital, Newman Lake, WA In the last edition of Horse Previews, I introduced myself to the community as the new surgery-residency trained veterinarian joining McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital. In my veterinary career, my goal has been to never stop learning,…

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Connecting The Steering – Shoulder Control

By Ann Kirk January, 2023! Happy New Year from my heart to yours. I am looking forward to all the promise this year has to offer and the many adventures my Lord has in store for me. I am excited about reconnecting with past friends and making new ones as…


By: Ann Kirk Last article, we began the process of connecting the steering of the bridle. Our starting place was to connect the reins to the hind feet to gain control over the hips. The right rein should step the right hip to the left and the left rein should…

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Baxter Black

On the Edge of Common Sense – A Horse Matters

By: Baxter Black I like living someplace where a horse matters. There is just some country where horseback is the only way to get the job done. Places where the four-wheeler is a poor second, not to mention a noisy, track-leaving unnatural conveyance. Besides, it’s hard to throw a rope…

Baxter Black- Cowboy Astrological Signs

By: Baxter Black, DVM Astrology is one of those wonderful pseudo-sciences like naturopathy or cattle futures that anybody with an imagination can rapidly become an expert in. I have taken it upon myself to devise my own astrological symbols. If there is some question which sign you were born under,…

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