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Alyssa K. Doering, DVM, McKinlay & Peters Equine HospitalHello! My name is Alyssa Doering, DVM and I am a surgeon at McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital in Newman Lake, WA. My topic for this issue of Horse Previews is on colic. Colic in its most fundamental sense means abdominal pain….

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy

Dr. John Herning, McKinlay & Peters Equine HospitalWith the news dominated by the human Corona Virus very few people have noticed an equine virus has been slowly spreading across parts of the central and southwestern US. First identified in New Mexico April 15th, it has continued to march into Arizona,…

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Gaining Confidence

By Ann KirkIt is September of 2020. As I sit down to write, I am looking for a subject that is key to almost every horse person I know. When I participated in Ride the West, one of the sessions I did was a lecture on Lost Confidence, how it…

Sacking out Part 4 — Adding Objects

By Ann KirkIt’s hard to believe it is the middle of 2020 already! Many unexpected things have happened this year that have made it both exciting and challenging. I’m not sure how this will end or the changes this virus will have in the long run, but God knows. By…

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Baxter Black

Carhart Cowboy

By Baxter Black, DVMMr. Moses remarked the other day he’d received a catalog in the mail from a western clothing outfit. He wasn’t sure who the outfit catered to, but the name ‘Long Island’ seemed to stick in his mind. The photo on the front had burned an image into…

Corriente Auction

By Baxter Black, DVMIt could only happen to a cowboy.Thurman had established himself as a figure of some note in the Corriente Association. The Association had developed over the years into a successful representative of livestock people dedicated to breeding and supplying roping steers. The Corriente breeders in the northwest…

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